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Meet Ida Friedman

Ida Friedman was raised with a holistic perspective; the human body is a self-healing organism that, if given what it needs, can heal itself. This viewpoint led her to thirst for knowledge about how the body works and natural remedies to restore essential wellness.

Ida is perpetually learning to attain mastery of all the layers of the human body. This led to becoming a massage therapist in the early 1980s. Since then, she has added Esthetician and Certified Nutrition Educator to her skill set. Ida became a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist in 2010. Most recently, she began her study of Facial Reposturing with Ann Moore.

This journey of holistic health services allows Ida to help people at every level to attain the highest health goals from inside the body with nutrition and Facial Reposturing out to the skin with skincare & lymphatic drainage. One of Ida's FAVORITE things is helping people look and feel wonderful and every service she provides comes with warmth and a big smile.

In her spare time, Ida can be found at local farmers markets shopping for edible art to make delicious meals & treats or hiking and playing in the beautiful bay area foothills.

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